The Chilling Disappearance of Maria De Los Angeles Martinez

Maria De Los Angeles Martinez was only 17 years old when she went missing in Phoenix, Arizona.

Her family says she was picked up at her home around 10 a.m on October 13, 1990 by an unidentified male who had responded to her advertisement for a babysitter.

A short time later, she phoned her parents asking them to pick her up. The phone line was disconnected before she could give them the address.

I found very little information about her case, but there are a few odd details that I have found in some threads, like these that are attributed to a detective on the case:

  • Maria placed her babysitting ad on a Spanish-language radio station. The male responding to the ad would have to be able to understand Spanish.
  • She went missing on October 13, 1990, but wasn’t reported as a missing juvenile until October 20. However, the detective mentioned that she was also an undocumented immigrant, which might explain her family’s hesitation to contact law enforcement.
  • There are unnamed suspects in the case.

It is unfortunate this case didn’t receive more attention. It is very similar to the case of Margaret Fox, who was featured on Unsolved Mysteries.

I am assuming there has to be at least a car description? And it also sounds like she would have to be taken nearby, if she called her parents fairly quickly after leaving.

I will update this blog as I find more information.

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