The Jennifer Kesse Suspect Probably Wasn’t Wearing a White Shirt and Khakis

I saw a surveillance camera image online recently of a burglar in a church, and this got me thinking about the Jennifer Kesse suspect. (The unknown person seen abandoning her car at a nearby apartment complex).

These are the two images of the same church burglar:foto1


Seriously, look at the difference. When I saw this, my jaw dropped. As you can see, black and white cameras don’t always pick up light and dark on a spectrum like you would think.

Both of these images were taken during daylight hours.

I am by no means a camera expert, but the color differences are pretty drastic in this example. In the color image, the pants are fairly dark magenta, yet look khaki or white in the black-and-white-image. Even a fairly dark gray backpack looked white on the black-and-white camera.

I have seen MANY theories online and on television that theorize the Jennifer Kesse suspect was some type of property maintenance worker, wearing white painter clothes or white and khaki.  The black shoes or boots are likely, but it is impossible to tell the actual color of the clothing from the surveillance image.

In my opinion, the Jennifer Kesse suspect could have been wearing a brightly colored shirt, jeans, even darker colored pants. He (or she) could have been wearing a business casual look, such as casual khaki pants and a colored polo shirt.  When I look at the style and tailoring of the pants, imagining them in a color like gray or brown, makes me think the could even be dress pants.

Of course, this makes me think of some of the other POI (or not POI) that could have been wearing more business-type clothes, maybe someone who worked in her office or in the condo office, or a neighbor. I know police have looked at everyone and haven’t focused solely on the maintenance worker theory, but I don’t necessarily think this person was wearing white painter clothes.

The hair is another issue. Is it a hat? Is it hair? My guess is a black baseball cap. To show up on camera that dark, it would have to be black, and since the hair also shows up, it is probably black as well.

One thought on “The Jennifer Kesse Suspect Probably Wasn’t Wearing a White Shirt and Khakis

  1. Wow – that bowls me over! This needs to be shown to investigators on her case!! I wouldn’t even assume they’re aware of how great this difference may be, although they’re more familiar with cameras – most modern cams are in color that you’d view footage from in routine investigations and I really doubt this is a well-known phenomenon created by the cam. The dark backpack appearing bright, light-colored and two-tone really got my attention. It appeared monotone in the color caption of it. I’ll never look at black and white cam footage the same way.


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