Follow Up: Is this Christopher Freeman?

I was tooling around on NAMUS and found this: an unidentified man found frozen to death in an abandoned building (the former JJ Hill office building) in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1985. He was presumably homeless, age between 20-40.

Reconstruction of unidentified man. Weight, 180 Height, 71
Chris Freeman, Weight 170, Height 72

Sorry, both pictures do not have great resolution, but there are some similarities that I find striking. The heights and weights are similar. Although, I doubt that Freeman’s exact weight was known since he seemed to be out of touch with his family. I also think the photo on NAMUS is a high school yearbook photo, so probably not a totally accurate representation of what he would have looked like in 1985.

Freeman is not on the list of rule outs for this John Doe.  This is a picture that I think looks more like the John Doe:

CHFreeman1 (1)
Blurry again, but as you can see in this photo, Christopher Freeman’s [on the right] hair was on the curlier side as is the John Doe.
What do you think?

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