Nachida Chandara: Not the Fond Du Lac Jane Doe, but Where is she?

I came across a profile for missing woman Nachida Chandara while researching the Fond du Lac County Jane Doe. I thought she was a good match– young, last seen in neighboring Michigan, and seemingly vanished without a trace.

This is Nachida on the left, the Jane Doe on the right.

However, upon further inspection, it appears that Nachida Chandara is on an unofficial rule out list maintained by the Grateful Doe sub on Reddit. I also saw this. Apparently there are dozens of women who have been ruled out by law enforcement as this Jane Doe, but haven’t made it to the NAMUS rule out list.

But this still leaves us with a woman, who has been missing since 2007 from Detroit. Where is Nachida?

Nachida was 15 years old when she disappeared from Phoenix, Arizona. She was last seen by her family at her home in the area of South 67th Avenue and West Lower Buckeye Road in Phoenix on May 14, 2007 around 10 am.

Investigators later determined she was in Detroit, Michigan sometime in May 2017. At this time, she was believed to be using the name “Lisa Tran.”

It has been over 10 years since she was last seen and there hasn’t been any more known contact with law enforcement.

Part of me wonders how much the Detroit sighting/contact was verified. Her Charley Project listing also mentions that she could have traveled to Miami or Seattle. She also used numerous aliases (Nacho, Chilla, Sonny Somsamouth, Lisa Tran, Lisa Lang Tran), which does not make the search any easier.

I hope Nachida, who is still listed as an endangered runaway, is alive and just doesn’t want to be found.

4 thoughts on “Nachida Chandara: Not the Fond Du Lac Jane Doe, but Where is she?

  1. I found two entries that seemed to point to her being in San Diego. However, no mention of age, or any contact information.

    I found two entries from Maricopa County her and another person in court. One in August 2006 and one in November 2006. It makes me wonder if this was a contributing factor in her leaving.


  2. Wow this gave me the child’s. Nachida was a good friend. I don’t believe she would leave with out a trace. I believe she is apart of human trafficking. It is unfortunate to not have found her yet.


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